Form and Structure is the integration of design and engineering. It is the balanced effort of our craftsmen and designers producing a premium product at a competitive price. It is the focused effort of people with the vision and foresight to meet challenges and finish a project on schedule. And it is the trust and confidence our clients have relied upon to meet their needs since 1978.

Form and Structure, inc. is a commercial casework manufacturer and installer established in 1978. We are known for our high quality laminate work as well as our custom wood and veneer products. Our projects include tenant improvement casework, hospitals,   clinics, store fixtures, reception areas and conference tables.
Commercial contractors and corporate clients count on our prompt service and superior workmanship. They rely on our ability to adapt to unique situations and our experience to recognize and avoid potential problems. We have always been motivated by pride in our craft and have relied upon the relationships we have built to provide for our future.



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